Thursday, 31 May 2012

Selection of Valuators for 2012 Olympic Equestrian Events

Equestrian Eventing supporters know that there are three Olympic equestrian dressage and eventing and Show jumping. Sassoon events, ranging from 28 to July 9 August, we all have many choices, and a lot of time with the goodies of the television series, if you ask me, need an idea. 
Although our Olympic year, I do not think it is good to remember, but the events of Sassoon, who, in my opinion equally important and essential for those who watch a sport like new and different. We have our riding, reining and endurance, of course, but also our safe. Vaulting is a selection of UK assessment bodies Britain Senior World Championships at Le Mans, France and the Junior European Championships, competing in Slovakia, rather than the events in August: to ride for someone who participated in the pulley, and mounting block on board, I am impressed by the beauty and grace of stars as Joanne and Hannah Eccles. These two are sisters, and medals of the regulars and their parents should be proud.
 If you love horses and want ballet, dance, gymnastics and horses are not a moment to observe and monitor the world of the vault. Maybe you just want to try it for yourself: I know that if she was strong enough to block me, I tried to advise me. Return to the London Olympics, and I urge you to remember all our Team GB Para Equestrian Dressage. 2010 World Equestrian Games in Kentucky came from Altech FEI 13 medals. Take it from the press, why do not we hear more news about this is an amazing achievement.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Equestrian Eventing at 1924 Olympic Games

Olympic Equestrian Eventing competitions in 1924 Paris Olympic individual and team medals in eventing, dressage and Levon individual medals in individual and team medals. Vaulting was not included in this year's contests, to 21 July 27, 1924 completed July 1924.
Adolf van der Voort van Zijp
Adolf van der Voort van Zijp Dirk Coenraad was in 1892 on 1 September Klambir Lima, North Sumatra, Dutch East Indies was born. Adolf van der Voort van Zijp Dirk Coenraad Dutch rider, who was born competed at the 1924 Summer Olympics and 1928 Summer Olympic Games in an aristocratic Dutch family was, he is first and foremost a military man, and like other members of the Dutch Olympic team he served in the armed forces at the Olympic Games and 1924.
 The first Olympics were a lieutenant in the regiment Huzares. Finally, it can contribute to the inspector of cavalry in 1924 Summer Olympics; he won the gold medal in the individual three-day event, and the team three-day event. Four years later, she won three gold medals in the team placed in the individual three-day event at the fourth event of his compatriot Charles Pahud Mortanges won the gold medal in the latter case. In May 1940 fought Van der Voort van Zijp bravely into the bloody battle Grebbeberg. Penetrated into Germany to Holland, he was imprisoned as a POW in Germany and other dignitaries. Adolf van der Voort van Zijp Monaco died on 8 March 1978. Adolf van der Voort van Zijp Dirk Coenraad was born March 8, 1978 killed in Monaco.
Frode Rasmussen Kirkebjerg
Frode Rasmussen Kirkebjerg 10 Born in May 1888th Frode Rasmussen Kirkebjerg riders who competed in the Danish Olympic Summer Games in 1912 and 1924 Summer Olympics  In 1912. 
He is a graduate of the individual eventing competition in the military, as well as Denmark national team finished the event Twelve years later he won the silver medal in the individual three-day event for military action. Frode Rasmussen Kirkebjerg had 12 Died in January 1975.
Sloan Doak
Sloan Doak was 28 Born in January 1886th Sloan Doak riders who competed in the U.S. in 1920. Summer Olympics and 1924 Summer Olympic Games in 1928 and summer 1920, he and his horse Olympics.In singles over 14 years in the individual dressage competition. He also participated in the individual eventing her horse trick, but not end the competition in American Eventing Team finished fourth in the team eventing Doak, this time in his horse-breeding red team was also a member of the American Levon, Levon, the fourth in The team event ended four years later she won bronze in the individual eventing gold digger and his horse. 
American eventing team does not finish the team eventing competition, as the only two riders were able to compete in individual cases from 29 Levon horse stops Joffre. But not the U.S. team finished the team competition, Levon, two riders were able to complete the individual competition: Doak was eventually compete in 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam. Foggy morning he and his horse finished 17th in individual eventing. Non-American eventing team the team eventing competition again, as the only two riders in the individual positions Sloan Doak was on 10 August 1965 he was died.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Equestrian Eventing in 1920 Summer Olympic Games

In the 1920 Summer Olympic Games the equestrian events at in Antwerp included Eventing, show jumping and dressage events. The competitions were started from September 6, 1920-September 12, 1920.

Helmer Fredrik Gustafsson Morner
Helmer Fredrik Gustafsson Morner was born in May 8, 1895 in Sweden.  Helmer Fredrik Gustafsson Morner also known as Graf Helmer Morner, he was was a horse rider from Swedish who Participate in the 1920 Summer Olympics. 
In 1920 he and his horse Germania won the gold medal in the individual eventing competition. They were also part of the Swedish team which won the gold medal in the team eventing. Helmer Fredrik Gustafsson Morner was died in the January 5, 1962.
John Age Lundstrom
John Age Lundstrom was born in 8 June 1890 in Landskrona. John Age Lundstrom was a Swedish Air Force general and horse rider who competed in the Summer Olympics 1920 Games and in the 1924 Olympics. Lundstrom was born in 1910 and became an officer in the Dragoon liutenant Livregementets He became the 1916th Air Force pilot in 1924 and was appointed captain of the Swedish Air Force 1926th That same year he became a teacher at the Royal Air Force Flight Academy. He was commander of the F 4 Frösön wings in 1931 and commanding officer of the Royal Air Force Flight Academy, named in the years 1932-1943. In 1948 he was chief of staff delegation Folke Bernadotte in Palestine, and was an eyewitness to the murder of Bernadotte. 
He reached the rank of major general. He was riding on the trainer Stromsholm during the year 1919-1921. He was a Swedish fencing master 1914th film In 1920 he and his horse was part of the Swedish YSRA team rider, who won a gold medal in team eventing competition. Moreover he won a silver medal in individual eventing. He also competed in the individual jumping event with a horse, Eros and finished fourteenth. Four years later he and his horse was Anvers won the gold medal with the Swedish team jumping. In the event that the individual score jumps tenth. John Age Lundstrom was died in the 26 September 1975
Ettore Caffaratti
Ettore Caffaratti was born in the May 12, 1886 in Italy was an Italian horse rider who participate in the 1920 Summer Olympics. In 1920 Olympic Games he and his horse Caniche by winning the silver medal in the team eventing and the bronze medal in the individual Eventing Events. 
He also won the bronze medal in the team jumping contests with his horse Tradittore. Ettore Caffaratti was died in the 1969.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Friedrich Leopold Harry von Rochow & Olympic Equestrian Eventing Tickets

Friedrich Leopold Harry von Rochow was born in August 12, 1881 in the Schloß Reckahn, Brandenburg, Germany. 
Friedrich Leopold Harry von Rochow was a German horse rider who competed in the 1912 Summer Olympics. Friedrich Leopold Harry von Rochow wa competed in many Olympic Equestrian Events and win honors for their nation. 
He was part of the German team, which won the silver medal in the equestrian team event; also he won the silver medal in the individual event. Friedrich Leopold Harry von Rochow was died in August 17, 1945 Schloß Reckahn, Brandenburg, Germany.